Automatic Cooling Bed (Rake Type).

LOTEY HEAVY MACHINES, is Manufacturer & Exporter Of Automatic Rake Type Cooling Bed For Steel Rolling Mill Plants. We manufactures high quality bar receiving systems such as twin channel and automated rake type cooling beds. The cooling bed enables correct cooling of rebars after quenching so as to get the perfect micro structure. The cooling bed can be supplied with any type of bar transfer system such as drop guides, shuffle bar or eccentric bar lift & place mechanism.  
The Complete System Consists Of The Following:

C.I. Fixed Straightening Racks:
These are Cast Iron toothed blocks, which receive the bars from the Bar Receiving Twin - Channel Mechanism. These racks help to straighten the bars, which are at a temperature of about 600oC. 

Movable Rack Mechanism
These are steel fabricated tooth racks which are mounted on Eccentric Rollers to enable them to move in the x and y axis. The Racks shall be profile cut to suit the smallest size of bar (8 mm) and also the max size (25 mm) bars. This mechanism collects the bars from the Fixed Straightening Racks and transfers them towards the delivery side of the Cooling Bed. 

Fixed Rack Mechanism
These are also fabricated toothed racks, which receive the bars from movable rack mechanism as the bars are transferred toward the delivery side of the Cooling Bed. 

Drive for Movable Rack Mechanism
The drive to the movable rack mechanism will be through two motors driving two parallel sets of drive shafts. Each motor will transmit drive through Two worm Reduction Gear drives. The shaft incorporates eccentrics, which provide the two-axis movement to the movable rack mechanism. 

Bar aligning Rollers
Chain driven profile cut rollers which are fitted at the end of the Racks but before the bars leaves the racks are driven by motors to align the bars front end before delivery to the Run-out roller table. 

Throw off device
At the end of the collecting grid the bars pack is transported on the Delivery roller table by means of throw off fingers. 

Run out Roller Table
Chain Driven roller table at the end of the cooling rack is provided to transport the pack of the bars to the cold shear. 



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