CNC Roll Notching & Marking Machine

The machine can perform automatically all the international standards and whatever is required in terms of notch skipping and notch enlarging
Absolute accuracy for the notch dimensions (rib depth, thickness and angle), and tool positioning is achieved by the special unique direct motor-tool transmission with no belts. That's particularly important when performing Tungsten Carbide rings and composite rolls. The worker input the diameter of the roller; the rib depth; angle; etc. then the CNC will run automatically.
Tool can move to the next pass automatically, the worker only need input the distance which between the two pass. So it’s positioning is a quick, accurate and automatic operation.
Machine can perform automatically all the operations like skipping and enlarging ribs, as well as the change of channel. That means a fantastic reduction in the operator time.
Our machine presents also more features
  • Siemens 808 controller guarantees reliable & long quality.
  • Siemens servo motors guarantees powerful running for notching and engraving
  • Independent servo motor for all four axes.
  • Easy to switch from notching to engraving by distinctively designed fly milling head & swivel engraving head that are mounted at one side.
  • Rectangle heavy casting bed with two square ways guarantee high rigidity which reduces notching vibration.
  • Turcite-B box way provides strong and smooth movement for high precision machining.
  • Centralized automatic lubrication pump controlled by CNC system ensures the perfect lubrication for all guide ways automatically.
  • Robust roller type steady rest offers perfect support to heavy roll.
  • Old notches in the roll can be renewed up to three times.
  • Specially designed cutting tool grinder c/w tool fixture is available, as option.

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