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Housingless Mill Stands

Our enterprise manufactures housingless stands of the horizontal and vertical types.
Compared to traditional design such stands have increased stiffness. It allows to increase quality of rolled product. As a result of installation of two lines of vertical stands 320 after a linear mill (Serovsky metallurgical plant) rolled product cross-sectional accuracy was 0,4 mm per Ø 16…22 mm. Replacing the linear mill stands with the new housingless ones allows to achieve rolled product accuracy within the limits of 0,2 mm.
High rigidity, reliability and quick roll change capabilities are the key features of these state of the art mill stands, which are designed for producing bars, wire rod, angles, flats, channels, and universal beams. The connection and disconnection of the spindles and all the fluid utilities are fully automatic and therefore the stands can be interchanged very quickly. Different versions including horizontal, vertical, convertible and drop-in joker (which converts a horizontal to a vertical) are in operation, allowing rapid adaptation to the variety of the rolled products needed to fulfil stringent market demands. Line flexibility allows rolling with low-temperature, high-alloy, wide forming passes, etc.

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