We the management, staff and employees of Lotey Heavy Machines Private Limited. Strive to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.
Quality assurance and quality control are the two sides of the same coin and both go hand in hand to deliver a quality product. Quality assurance is the process for making a good quality product whereas quality control is done on the product ensuring an all round satisfaction level during the designing, procurement, manufacturing, assembling and dispatching the final product.
We use the following tools to ensure a good quality product:
  • 2D & 3D AutoCAD Design Software.
  • In house developed calculation checking software.
  • Chemical Testing.
  • Physical testing for dimensions and cracks.
  • Vernier, Micrometers and various other Dials & Gauges as required by the process on the specified product are used from time to time.
  • A 72 hour NO LOAD working trial is done in house to check various parameters after the complete assembly of the product.
  • The shortcomings are verified and cross checked through the Quality Assurance Team and implemented in the system to prevent future happenings and damages for the same.
  • The problems are rectified by the design team and a final dispatch go ahead is given after complete verification and validation.

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