TMT Quench Box / Water Quench Line

LOTEY HEAVY MACHINES makes quality quenching boxes for the QST / TMT process for producing rebars of high quality, strength, weldability and perfect microstructure properties. The rebars produced adhere to all international standards for rebar strength and quality.
  • The offered TMT system is of ‘multiple injector’ type, where fresh water is injected at regular intervals into the nozzles equi-spaced along the cooling length, at specified.
  • Pressure and volume for the controlled thickness of ‘martensite’ ring formation.
  • The system is initially set by fixing the opening of the nozzles and position of the motorized valve.
  • Various grades FE415, FE500 & FE550 are produced by bringing the specified no of nozzles in cooling cycle and shutting others. This is fairly simple and can be done in running mill.
The Cooling Process
In bar mills, directly after the last rolling stand, the bar passes through the Cooling System achieving a short and intensive cooling of the surface. Because of the reduction in the temperature at a rate higher than the critical rate for martensite quenching the surface layer of the re-bar is converted to a hardened structure while the core remains austenitic. 
After the intensive cooling, the bar is exposed to air and the core re-heats the quenched surface layer by conduction, therefore tempering the external martensite. The thermal profiles of the Surface and Core merge at the 'so called' equalizing temperature that together with the final rolling temperature is the most important parameter to achieve the required mechanical properties. 

Finally, when the bar is discharged on to the Cooling Beds, the remaining austenite transforms into a very fine-grained pearlite structure. The Process being offered is the most efficient system available. The Cooling Pipes consist of specially designed nozzles, which assure a high degree of heat exchange rate between cooling water and the traversing bars. The design ensures the elimination of the steam layer generated on the material surface. In the system water flows in the same direction as the bars inside the pipes, but the speed of the water flow is much more than the speed of the bar.

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